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GYT Winter

Ready or not, driving BC’s roads will be more demanding in the weeks ahead. Are your tires up to the task? See your Toyota BC Dealer to be sure.


You’re always getting the right price on Toyota approved tires – and when they are installed at a Toyota dealer, you will have peace of mind knowing the job was done by our certified Toyota technicians.

Our Price Match Guarantee

Take the guesswork out of your tire choice – rest assured you are always getting the right tire for your Toyota, at the right price.

Winter Wipers

See Clear Ahead

This Winter wiper blade is designed to withstand harsh weather by resisting snow and ice build-up. Price is $17.95 for all lengths.

Parts only, installation extra. Subject to stock availability. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your Toyota BC Dealer for details.

Are you Ready?
Winter Tire laws Went into effect Oct 1st

With snow expected on some mountain passes already, you need to know if your tires are going to pass inspection. Find out here.

Avalanche Canada #OwnerApproved

Back country enthusiasts count on Avalanche Canada to provide them with the information about snow conditions that will keep them safe. And to get that information, Avalanche Canada relies on Toyota Tundra to take them deep in the mountains, and safely back home again.

Get the Right Tires

It’s easy to find what tire is right for your Toyota – and compare prices on all the popular brands. Just click here.

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